737 Flight Simulator gives you a fantastic opportunity to feel what pilots felt during critical situations. This game is a collection of air crash scenarios which you could find in Discovery channel on TV in popular series “Air Crash Investigation”. Without doubt we can recommend this game to all people interested in aviation. It’s easy and you can learn quickly how to fly the most beautiful machine made by humans.
  • realistic_crashes

Realistic crash effects

Enjoy real physics simulation of boeing 737. Each crash is unique providing endless fun experience.

  • realilife_missions

Real life missions

Experience real life scenarios which happened in the past to real pilots. Try landing on Hudson River and Smolensk. Can you survive?

  • ipad_control_ok

Easy to control

Very simple controls make this game playable by everyone including kids and aviation enthusiasts. 

  • rube

Driven by community

737 Flight Simulator is made by the community. Every month we release new version based on community requests. Visit our forum page now and suggest your changes.

What people think about it?

“Great crash effects”, “Affordable”, “Best game on the AppStore”, “Super easy”